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I have eaten virtually every cut of meat and smoked product produced by Carlson Meat Processing. It is my opinion that this traditional butcher shop, operating on a small scale, with careful devotion to every aspect of meat preparation, and with personal dedication to quality and service to its customers, is one of the best-kept secrets of the food industry. It is located in the very small village of Grove City, Minnesota, but every one of their products is world-class, from the frozen meats (roasts, chops, steaks, etc) to the exceptional cured products like hams, ring bologna, summer sausage, wieners, and smoked salmon. If anyone is looking for the best quality meat found anywhere, this is the place!!

Curtis Olson
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Operations College of Music
Michigan State University

We are a family operation selling our own home raised Black Angus beef Our customer base varies from families needing quarters of beef to others who choose to purchase their beef by the cut, as well as retail outlets which sell our beef sticks, jerky and patties.

We had used several processors in the past, but now take our beef solely to Carlson Meats because we can depend on the high quality of their work, the cleanliness of their facility, and their honesty. The Carlsons and their staff are always friendly and ready to work with us to ensure that we keep our customers happy. Our retail customers require a uniform product and Carlson Meats helps us meet that requirement.

Whenever we are asked why we are willing to travel the 60 miles to Grove City to have our beef processed, we answer "because they're the best".

John Moon and Patty Hahn Moon Creek Ranch Montevideo, MN

I have the largest herd of yak in North America. When I was looking for a place to butcher my yaks, many small plants refused because they thought that they would be too dangerous for them to handle. Carlson Meats butcher many buffalo and weren't afraid of yak. Also, to my delight, the recipes that they use with buffalo work well with my lean yak. So we didn't have to experiment with making sausage, wieners, jerky and the like. My final positive experience with Chuck and Kristin is that I feel like part of their family and they process each animal with my needs in mind.

John Hooper, Christmas Tree Ranch, Cold Spring, MN

We have known Chuck and Kristin Carlson for about a dozen or so years.  We have many things in common – age, family size, love of family and the out of doors, and our love for the Lord.  Another thing we seem to share is “meat” – Phil and I in the hunting and shooting category, and Chuck and Kristin in the cutting and packaging.  This particular relationship has worked out very well for Phil and me.  I am not sure how well it has worked out for Carlson’s, but maybe it’s that we provide them with a little bit of “deer hunting season excitement”??!!

Carlson’s Meat Processing is located in the very quaint and lovely town of Grove City, Minnesota.  Grove City is definitely “in the boonies”, but is also definitely the recipient of the blessings that only small communities can provide.   Most everyone knows anyone who happens to be walking down the street, stopping off at the cafe for coffee, who’s kids play football on Friday nights, and the customers walking through the front door of Carlson’s Meat Processing.  Chuck and Kristin’s store is tucked gently into a side street, it’s store front humble and welcoming.  The best part about arriving at the market, is the aroma of spiced, smoked, seasoned, and cured meats, sausage, jerky, hams, and specialty meats of every description.  Chuck or Kristin will greet you upon your arrival.  From then on, the only difficulty is deciding how much meat your grill, fry pan, or oven will handle!

A few things that I know about Chuck and Kristin that are valuable to their business are:
They are CLEAN!!!  Oh my – you have never seen a more spotless operation!  Phil and I have hunted for years, and have had deer processed many places many times.  Chuck and Kristin’s clean shop is second to none!

They have all the equipment needed to please their customer and the orders they receive.  Being friends of the Carlson’s, we have had the pleasure of touring their establishment.  We were astonished at the depth of the building and all the necessary equipment and the wonderfully efficient outlay of the store.  Chuck has a fabulous way to weigh his butchered animals – as I found out this year, bringing in a large buck.  This is a service not always available, or readily offered.  I found it rare when talking to other hunters that I had the opportunity to have my buck weighed.

You will not be able to find harder workers anywhere in any occupation.  Work ethic is very important to Chuck and Kristin.  This is evident in the product they turn out, and in the entire impression you receive from doing business with them.  Quality is number one and I would not imagine the Carlson’s would settle for anything less than giving it their “all” and providing the customer with excellence.
Oh my!!!  Such wonderfully delicious meats!  They cannot be described on paper – or web site – but take my word for it – Chuck and Kristin know what they are doing!  We have not only enjoyed venison, but also their ham, chops, beef, hamburger, and other types and cuts of meat throughout the years.  It is always a treat to be having supper featuring a main course from Carlson’s Meat Processing!
Chuck and Kristin are honest and their integrity guides their daily tasks.  These two categories of disciplined life and living go before them in all their business relationships.  Their fine product and their business dealings benefit from who Chuck and Kristin are.   

Kathy Lutz, New London, MN

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